Destination wedding with a wonderful couple from Mendoza - Argentina

Paco & Analia came from Mendoza in Argentina right after their wedding but because their love is so strong, they decide to renew their vows in French Polynesia, during their honeymoon :) We will let you discover photos. Theses two guys were incredibly funny and we share a lot of similarities with them from the way to see and enjoy life to their dream (ok even if we never dream about dinosaurs eating people...yet!jajajaja) Anyway, when we came back to say goodbye to theses chicos before they left, it was like say goodbye to friends...Entonces, necessitamos a venir en Mendoza para probar las fiestas de Paco, ir con Analia en este peligrosa tienda, comer los empanadas de abuela y quizàs vamos los 4 en un pais que Analia no conoce :) Besos muy grandes, cuidate y disculpe por este "espanol" ;)