A beau-tiful surprise during the holiday in Moorea

When we saw our beautiful model of the day coming from the make up and hair dresser to say hello before the shoot with desperate eyes because of the weather (rainy and windy just when we arrived to shoot) we told her "no worries, it will be nice!" The postcard of the blue sky and sunny beach with bungalow was more umbrella and wet jetty :) But fortunately, the lagoon was still incredibly clear and blue and our awesome couple from Australia enjoy a little swim from their overwater bungalow ! But....what a surprise.....The day after, we received a text from Ashton "last night Beau proposed !!!!!" We looove to wake up with this kind of message ! Next round, second shoot this time with sun like to welcome this great announce ! Beau, Ashton, we are gratefull to be the first to know that, it was a great moment with you guys, Beau I know you don't like photos but you should. Guys we wish you lot of fun together, more travel and a beautiful wedding ! Wonder where you will go for your honeymoon now ;) "Cheers mate"!