When Hawaiian Ohana meets Polynesia vibes, that's a lot of love!Mahalo

It was like if I met a friend when I first met Jenavi. I chat from month by email with her and fell something strange like if we know each other for years;)

This wedding was really special to me... 

We begin with a shoot the day before with just Kyle and Jenavi on the beach, the weather was terrible (doesn't looks like but it was!tsunami alarm for the next day....) but theses guys were happy to be together on this special place, a little bit alone from their two babies boys (crazy eyes of your two kids guys!Lawai'a & Makoa will make a loooot of girls crazy!) it was so sweet to see them kissing and have so much love!

The day after, no tsunami alarm after all but the big day!I stay with Jenavi during the getting ready, plenty of time so we have decided to make a surprise for Kyle and during this time Sam was with Kids and family to capture some life moments. 

Tears and smiles that's what Jenavi+Kyle's team offered us between a beautiful speech and a dance!

Amazing babies and girl faces, lot of flowers and joy in a sharing moment!

We really hope to come to Maui next year and be here for your one year anniversary!Mahalo & Mauruuru Roa!

Hugs from Moorea to you little Ohana from Hawaii!

Click here to see a selection of this event!

Click here to see a selection of this event!