Commercial Photoshoot

Hotels and resorts from Bora Bora to Vancouver or New Zealand to highlight or renew your portfolio.

Pearls, Jewelry and Lingerie brand, designers from France, Tahiti, California, NYC, Hawaii and UK trust our eyes for their creation. Photoshoot in our location or overseas on demand. 


               Kayo Anime clothes


          SF -USA

Kayo is a SF based fashion designer from Japan. 

Designs are distributed mainly in USA and Japan, some in Canada, Australia.
Focusing on making fun, comfortable unique clothing for men and women. 

Anime clothing - makes you think of Anime costume like clothing, but it actually stand for clothing that makes you feel differently. My intension is to make people feel something else by wearing my design. More beautiful, confidence , sexy and intelligent...whatever it comes to you:)

Bring good vibes to not only the dance floor but to the world!

poets cove

                    Poet's Cove in

                   Pender Island, Canada


The premier luxury resort in the Southern Gulf Islands. Part of the uniquely West Coast Gulf Island archipelago, Poets Cove on Pender Island is the perfect escape. Just a short ferry, boat or seaplane ride away from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, our small island oasis set in the secluded Bedwell Harbour bay feels a million miles away.

                   Jewelry shoot


          Mew Chiu - NYC


Mew approaches jewelry making with a background in sculpture, printmaking ans ceramics.

She designs and fabricates jewelry with precious metals ansgemstones using ethical and environmentally friendly.

Her current collection continues to be informed by her attraction to organic and botanical forms but with an eye toward paring them down and finding the most essential of elements.








tsa kwa luten - canada

     Tsa Kwa Luten - Canada

Tsa Kwa Luten Lodge is a world class facility situated on Quadra Island in beautiful coastal British Columbia. In an area that is replete with amazing wildlife, with aboriginal history, and with a strong spiritual presence, it is fitting that the We Wai Kai Nation created this spectacular accommodation at the edge of the forest overlooking the Strait of Georgia.

Tsa-Kwa-Luten is one of the few lodges featuring authentic Pacific Coast native architecture, art, and culture based on traditional Kwagiulth historical values.