Maeva & Welcome!

Ia Orana, Hi Guys!

We are Virginie and Samuel and we are so glad you are visiting us !

SV Photograph is, above all, a team ! A husband and wife team with a simple aim : make you happy, show your story and reveal who you really are ! We believe that everybody and every wedding or honeymoon are different and for this reason we can't consider you just as a request by email. We also believe a photoshoot is not just a "click and go", we see it as a real relationship - we want to be good friends!

Our aim is not standard (and boring) group photos for your wedding but to live with you through your event and provide photo that will be you! On the day we like to keep things easy. No crazy posing, no cheesy or fake stuff. We will make art that you will be proud to hang on your wall but also a reflection of what you've seen, what you've lived.

We are proud to be members of Fearless Photographers + Wedding Photography Selected and to have been published in some stunning wedding magazines like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Bridal Musings. Even if we don't run after recognition though, we are glad to be award winner for our wedding photo. But what we appreciate even more is the fantastic feedback of our clients and we the fact we keep in touch with them !

We have taken photos for a very long time. I had my first camera at 12, ok, it was a disposable camera and in black and white! I saved my pocket money until I was 15 to buy a film Canon(sorry, if you are born after 95', you don't know what we are talking about...). It was still only in black and white and I learned photography in high school for three years. Samuel was more interested in creating cartoons. As soon as we met each other at 16, he fell in love with my passion and we learned photography together.

One day, we decided to leave our country with only 23kg of luggage with us! Five years ago, we arrived in New Zealand: we needed some fresh air and a "new beginning". We found ourselves in a perfect "lost in translation" atmosphere and went "into the wild"! Our fascination with landscapes and wildlife was satisfied and our life was completely different than in France. We decided to take a risk and do what we love: Photography…as our full time job!

Now we are in French Polynesia, based in Moorea, a beautiful island close to Tahiti, and traveling often to Bora Bora, Tikehau, Marquesas and other islands to shoot weddings, honeymoons, family holidays and fashion models. We are happy to shoot everywhere from USA/Canada to Asia and beyond!  

We work with a team of professional drone operator, Mike and Yannick, and we edit photos with our touch, to complete your souvenir. We also work with a professional videographer we can propose her contact for your wedding. 

Your happiness inspires our work and we can never thank you too much for that!

Our logo is like a tattoo of our story. The traveler's tree is more than a symbol for us. We chose this tree because it is from Madagascar; a little bit like Virginie who grow up in Mayotte. Also because of the name of the tree means to travel and we travel! But not just to put a number on the countries we've visited. We prefer to explore the country by living…between the two of us we have lived in Mayotte, met in France, lived in New Zealand and ended up in French Polynesia for three years now. Who knows what will happen in the future :)

Finally, Green is the new gold! Everybody tries to have an eco-friendly touch and, as it's now a trend, everybody wants to surf the wave as it's great for business. However, we were eco-conscious even before we began our photography and we included that spirit in our work from the very beginning. We offer you unspoiled places and being ‘green’ is something we really care about. We will not be any part of polluting our planet. We are also happy to be part of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.  We chose that foundation as they concentrate on important causes such as environmental challenges impacting endangered species and threatened ecosystems in every corner of the planet.

Other than photography, we also love hiking, traveling and experiencing different cultures all over the world (especially with food ;), road tripping - harder in a small island ;) - , growing our own flowers, veggies and herbs : no, forget that, our dog is not ok with this point apparently, have fun with our crazy animals, spending a night to watch full season of our fav TV show cause we can't wait, good Indian, Cretan, Balinese and Japanese food - Sam is the Cooker and Pastry Chef, I'm the tester...and the dishwasher...

Let's talk about you now. We want to know who you are we want to show that through photos and laughter.

Samuel & Virginie.

ps : as Destination Photographers, we go wherever you are ! Contact us and let us know your wishes ! We are based in MOOREA.

For now in 2017 :

  • End of January - UA POU + NUKU HIVA - Marquesas Islands
  • Mid March - NUKU HIVA - Marquesas Islands
  • Mid July - BORA BORA
  • First week of August - TIKEHAU atoll.
  • Around the 10th of November : BORA BORA
  • Year Round - Bora Bora, Tikehau, Huahine, and of course Moorea and Tahiti.

Let's talk about you!

Now it's your turn! Tell us more about your wish and your project! We are here for you! If you need advice in choosing your wedding location, contact us to organize your perfect ceremony or ideas for your proposal! We do all we can to make your journey special and unique! It's not just about booking a photoshoot - it's about living a unique experience and leaving with memories as your souvenir!


We ALWAYS reply to you in 24hrs - even if it's rainy, busy, or whatever!

If you have not received a reply after that then check your junk box, your email can be too protective sometimes

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