An emotional wedding...

We've met Alizée during our first casting for our first fashion shoot in Moorea (when we arrived from New Zealand). We choose her because of her message, she was clearly passionate about Polynesian culture and want to show her vahine side as well as aito (warrior), she did it so well... She was not model but behind the camera, it was a real transformation ! And theses photos are still one of our favorites!  Alizée and Olivier came back during their research for their wedding and we became good friends even if we don't see them very often (they live in Tahiti and us in Moorea), there is some people you don't need to see often to be close.

It was a very special wedding, hard to don't cry behind the camera, especially when we are alone with only Alizée and her mother. Fortunately our camera is big enough to hide that feeling :) We have also the honor to help Alizée to organize it and it was beautiful, full of meaning and surprises. We let you discover their love, their tears (I told them they will cry, they didn't believe me) Their Polynesian name is perfect for them, they are not Alizée and Olivier anymore, they are Mataiherevahiné and Mataiherenetané means "lot of love" and it's really that ! Message to the mother of the bride Sandrine : you didn't lost your daughter, she find herself here, like if the island was always in her heart, now it's maybe your turn to come here ;) We love you guys ! Lot of new happy events and photos to celebrate that are coming :)

virginie wiss

A couple of French Destination Award Winning Wedding, Boudoir and Commercial Photographers based in Vancouver Island, Victoria.