Anastasia Skukhtorova, world Pole Dance Winner and Martin Coops Professional Parkour and Acrobatic man!

Anastasia contacted us few months ago about her venue in Tahiti and in French Polynesia for workshop and show!We discovered her talent and fall in love with her project to have photos here, in our beautiful island of Moorea!Her boyfriend is an incredible athlete too and they made an amazing performance just for us;) in some beautiful and special places of Moorea!

From overwater bungalow to the crazy blue and turquoise ocean, from the wild bus to Moorea colonial house, we were happy to show them our island and to see how she can inspired them!:)

Keep to travel together guys and show your talent and your passion to the world!And keep loving you as you do!

C U soon, where you want ;)

Anastasia Skukhtorova, and Martin Coops visiting Moorea and Tahiti.