A great day to discovering Moorea with a so cool family !

Jamie, Jack and their two lovely daughters Maya and Halle want to discover Moorea and want we capture that ! So we organize a full day activity beginning with tropical forests and Marae temple. As mosquitoes were in love with this new blood and rain can't stop, we have decide to see two different beaches, one with a super playground and trees into the ocean with great view over mountains and the second one with a veru blue lagoon and white sand :) 

After a lunch with too much candies, we were on the catamaran to enjoy a private cruise ! For girls, it was pretty special ! :) First snorkelling, and begin the first snorkelling with sharks and rays it's pretty awesome ! Jumping, enjoying an island, discovering fishes and crystal lagoon to finish with a so beautiful sunset with flashy pink, that was unique holiday and unique journey !

We miss you very much JJMH :) Hope to see you again and if you can't find carambar candies at home, we will be glad to send you 10 or 20 boxes of that  ;)