Tacoma Wedding Photography, SV Photograph

If you've followed us, you will remember this gorgeous couple two years ago, who then came to Moorea for their engagement (well, even if technically Kelly didn't know yet because the proposal found place in Moorea;) You will remember them on pineapple fields, exploring this little island from mountains to wild beach. I was so grateful already to be part of the secret of the proposal, exchanging emails with Spencer. And I was so happy to keep in touch during all theses months and then to got invited to catch their wedding !

Kelly and Spencer did everything to make us feel like home : they welcomed us at the transtation (they waited for 1 hour or so because the train was late - well, apparently, it’s not only a french problem to be late when you take the train . It was like meeting old friends !

We felt like guests, friends, members of the family too! How could we feel otherwise, when we got to see your brother, Morgans, amazing patriotic collection of tee shirts? Or the fact that your parents, Spencer, have the real Saturday night fever - like your uncles btw ? Or the real and sweet tenderness with your friend Rag? Or your “Italian” mama, Kelly, who know how to whistle with her fingers and make super spaghetti ? Or your best man Azam, with his contagious laugh, and I couldn’t help but burst out..! And hugs of Linda, "made in Fenua" (miss theses hugs)! I will also never forget the smile on your little brother's face during the family photo, and the emotion of your father, Kelly, during the first dance... So many details, forever in our hearts, and hopefully in your minds also, thanks to photos.

Emotions are hard to contain sometimes at work, under such circumstances. When I saw tears of Spencer when he looked at you, Kelly, approaching beside your dad, it was really hard to keep the eyes dry (especially with the zoom where I can see emotion so close...grrrr)

Anyways, Lindsey is right: there is nothing Spencer wouldn't do for you... So now we wish for you that it will continue like this, a happy life with lots of travelling together. Every day will not be perfect, but you already know that, as you’ve known each other for a long time, and living together is tough sometimes. But nobody couldn’t imagine one without the other, now or from a long time from now. So live happy, merci beaucoup beau cul - that's for Spencer, hopefully he will remember that part, otherwise it will be hard to explain - and let's keep in touch for your anniversary (before the 50th or else I can't guarantee the precision of center for photos).