Wedding into the woods, an amazing experience !

Marc and Jo have lot of commun passion : artist, hike, life lovers ! That's not a surprise if their wedding was on the woods with beautiful sign and decoration Jo create.

It seems that all Universe decide these two souls were born for each other : very long way to finish at the end to cross their Australia ! Families from France, Australia, Tahiti and more coming to celebrate this so special love not on a beach or an hotel but on the top of a mountain with a stunning view above Moorea !

Of course all was not at 100% like they plan (it was raining so lot of things have to move and it was pretty epic to go to te mountain:) but it's like life, isn't it? Plans are create to be changed ;)

And it was not the rain who can stop guests and couple to have a beautiful ceremony into the wild this day ! (Do I mention it was an orange weather alert ?;)

With mood everywhere, we continue to celebrate this union and we never thank you enough Jo to be a so cool bride (don't become mad when you have to walk with your heels on the mood and even when rain washed out your beautiful draw) and Marc to have always your smile and motivation !  Oh, and also special thanks to offer us the so funny vision of a Priest wearing welly boot !

Under the stars, into the wild, with a so good ma'a Tahiti (traditional meal cooked under ground) we enjoy songs of a talented guitarist. What do you need more than that for a perfect wedding ! 

Thanks a lot for your vision of love and life Marc and Jo. We can not wait to see you again in Tahiti, climb another mountain together and again, capture your eyes full of light.