{Sooke Wedding Photographers } A pre-wedding photo shoot between The Prestige in Sooke and French Beach, Vancouver Island

Si and Fengzhou were getting married at the Prestige in Sooke and decide to have more photos of them together. But this time, only together and into the wild of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We drove them on several locations we have in mind for them.

Each pre-wedding shoot is different and we will never do the exact same road. Our aim is to propose very different view, even on the same area, as all our couple are different. It’s a fantastic opportunity to create vibrant art portraits and dramatic view as during the wedding, we are more focus on moment and emotions. This kind of shoot will give you piece of Art whereas wedding offer you Candid and Emotional shoot.

This day, we choose to go to the lighthouse of Sheringham Point and to stop on little cove passed Shirley and Sooke.

Our bride is dressed with a beautiful Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. This couple was so elegant, we can’t imagine what the seagull and the little otter we crossed were thiking! Even if it was in May, the weather was very cold but lucky us, we shoot between showers and catch beautiful colours on the ocean.

We end the shoot into the forest of French Beach with the red dress.

Now we wish them all the happiness this lovely couple deserved!