{ Sooke Wedding Photography } We shoot the engagement on the snow in Sooke Potholes Provincial Park

We met Nicola and Andrew, thanks to Norma from Bogart Wedding Proposals and that shoot was just a reflection of both of them, with a pinch of us.

Truly in Love, kind and gently unruly, the snow was a perfect excuse to be themselves.

We decide to make the shoot on Sooke Potholes, a place we already know really well to had shot many boudoir sessions there. But it was the first time for an engagement shoot.

Sooke area offers so many different landscapes than I'm pretty sure we could shoot hundreds of photo sessions without to fell bored. Between river and rain-forest the west coast of Canada and more especially Vancouver Island, has so much scenery which still look preserved, with a great wealth of biodiversity on land and sea.

It's always, quite a pleasure to give the opportunity to people to be able to be nuts sometimes, just themselves without to be censure or stop because of timidity or the regard from others.

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