How to submit photos for your casting - nude art sessions

We propose to Models and non pro Models to join our project all around the year and all around the world. To be sure to submit correctly your application, please read carefully theses steps. We make that post after experiences with all kind of "surprises" and we prefer now to don't lost time anymore. Nude art shoot is the most technical shoot category for Model but also for Photographer. Edited photos are not sometimes the reflection of the reality, we need also to make sure photos you send are accurate. 

We have shoot greats bodies from all ages. Your age is absolutly not an obstacle but it's also not a guarantee of perfect body. 

Why we ask for all of that ? Because we will not transform your body ! We have a natural touch with a soft editing. Of course we adjust small things but we will not extend your legs or transform your body.

Everybody is different and chest is part of that difference because of genetic, sun, sport, breast feeding etc.... your breast can be damaged. All shapes are not what we are looking for :


1 / If you've never make a nude art session, be sure your family/job or whatever will be not a pressure for you and you will assume it to the end cause photos will be share on our website, our social media and magazines. So please, think well before even if there is nothing to be ashamed about.

2 / Be sure to send us photos like that. If you are not ready to send that kind of photos, you are not ready for a nude art shoot. 

3 / Few weeks before the shoot : be carefull to your tan ! You choose by : being completely with your skin color or completely tan (mean the full body, no exception) but we don't want that, anywhere:


4 /  Please think carefully about the date of the shoot : we know by experience again, some woman doesn't count days apparently and arrive the day of the shoot with their period.... We will not make the shoot if you have your period : it's a nude shoot !! That can sound evident but it's better to advice it...

5 / The day of the shoot comes with perfect waxing made the day before to don't have any red marks. This include legs, armpit, bikini. Moisturize your skin to make it healthy.

So few treats for your body deserve that experience and your body will thank you also.


Ready for the first step,  presentation :

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