{ Vancouver Wedding Photographers } Engagement pre-wedding photo shoot in Gastown and Grandville Island

We met this lovely couple at a coffee shop in Vancouver. They told us about their love story and we were charming :) We spend our first meeting with them laughing and chatting so long that we almost miss our ferry back to Victoria.

Two months later, we were back in Vancity to shoot their pre-wedding. What a blast! We were visiting with them all the important places they were in the first place they meet, the first place they kissed, where they like to walk together, their respective flats … A playful time at the Jericho Beach where our future bride showed her wedding veil to her future husband.

We continue the romance with a top at Grandville island enjoying the urban art and vibrant vibes of this place. We end that fantastic day of the shoot with Gastown. We couldn’t live without creating artistic movie inspiration photographic between the steam clock and the so photogenic Hotel Europe. Our couple was wearing fabulous vintage Chines red dress and outfit.

Stay tuned to see their wedding: personally, we are so looking forward to catching that moment in August.

If you are wondering why the fryer: that’s how this couple met. This fryer is a Cupid. And you, what’s your story?

Make Up : CatherineMakeupStudio