Post wedding photographers in Moorea, French Polynesia

The review of the preview “Wow !!! You guys made us look SO good thank you so much for the teaser photos/ ones to tide me over they are so beautiful and make my heart so full and happy!!! You are both thee most incredible photographers I’ve ever met! Hope Vancouver is treating you well!  Thank you !!! 

Kristy & Anthony"

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Destination Wedding in Moorea, French Polynesia

We were so glad the poor rain didn"t affect our beautiful bride and groom ! They came from so far away to get married under the sun of Pacific Islands, and a big storm follow us for the whole day.... You can imagine our stress, especially because I was also in charge of the Wedding Planning . But the weather can't be so important when there is so much love ! This couple took a year to travel around the World and they planned their wedding on the middle of it. After New Zealand and before South America, they stopped in French Polynesia, on the sister island of Tahiti : Moorea. Their family and close friends came to them from France, everybody there for the first time !

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Glamourous getaway with a boudoir session into the wild

So happy to finally met J + T ! Almost a year to talk by emails about this couple shooting in Moorea, Tahiti islands and finally, a week before to move to Canada, we made it. The weather was pretty bad but we were lucky to have the good vibes of our lovers for this adventurous afternoon ! 

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Engagement Shoot between desert and snow

There is some couple who make you young again and that feeling is really good !

We spend the day with Amoriese and Kyler, exploring a beautiful area in South of Utah. Between red rock formations, impressive hoodoos covered of snow, immense arch on the top of moountain, this land is full of surprises and beauty.

Orange, red, white snow, add to that the true love and tenderness of theses two lovers and a touch of adventure : that's the plan of a perfect day of shooting !

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Vahine Polynesia

Our view of Polynesian beauty. Gallery in black and white only.

To see more about our cultural projects in French Polynesia, please follow this link and let’s travel with just few clicks on the isolated french polynesian islands.

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A maternity photoshoot under the sun of San Jose California

A beautiful future mum on a Californian beach for a maternity shoot. You remember maybe Maiko, two years ago we met her and her husband Wing in Moorea for their honeymoon shoot. We became very quickly super friends and we met them again in San Jose, this time at their home, for another amazing life event : the arrival of the baby !

Wish them a lot of love and tenderness. And see you veru soon dear friends this time in Japan ;)

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Epic post wedding shoot in Moorea, French Polynesia

A fun afternoon witha lovely couple from San Jose ! The weather was pretty bad, but this will not affect at all smiles and love of theses two guys. We show them our favorties spots of our island Moorea, between the tropical forest and beaches, between flowers and sand, lot of colors and joy with Christine and Jeff ! We had the pleasure to try Taiwanese food with them during our stay in San Jose just a month after this tropical adventure. And I'm pretty sure it will be not the last time we will see them :)

Take care guys and saty like you are !

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Tacoma Wedding Photography, SV Photograph

If you follow us, you will remember this gorgeous couple two years ago, who came to Moorea for their engagement (well, even if technicly she didn't know yet as the proposal was in Moorea;) You will remember them on pineapple fields, exploring this little island from mountains to wild beach. I was so gratefull already to be part of the secret of the proposal by theses exchange of email with Spencer, but I couldn't be more than happy to keep in touch during all theses months and to be invited to catch their wedding !

Kelly and Spencer made all to let us feel like home : they welcomed us at the gare station (and wait for 1 hour or something cause the train was late, well apparently is not just a french problem to be late when you take the train;) and it was like meeting old friends !

We felt like guests, friends, member of the family too ! How can we notice otherwise the amazing patriotic collection of tee shirt of your brother Morgan ? The fact that your parents Spencer have the real Saturday night fever - like your uncles btw ;) ? Or the real and sweet tenderness with your friend Rag ? And your "Italian" mama Kelly who know how to whistle with fingers and make super spaghetti ? And your bestman Azam with his contagious laugh and I couldn't help but burst out ? I will also never forget the smile of your little brother during family photo and the emotion of your father Kelly during the first dance.... So many details, forever in our hearts and hopefully in your minds also thanks to photos. 

The emotion is hard to contain sometimes at work in such circumstances. When I saw tears of Spencer when he looked at you Kelly approaching beside your dad, it was really hard to keep dry eyes (especially with the zoom where I can see that emotion so close ;)

Anyway Lindsey was right : there is nothing Spencer can't do for you. So now we wish you to continue like that, have happy life with lot of travels together. All will be not perfect everyday but you already know that as you wait enough to know living together is tough sometimes. Nobody can imagine one without the other and from a long time now. So live happy, merci beaucoup beau cul - that's for Spencer, hopefully he will remember that part, otherwise it will be hard to explain - and let's keep in touch for your anniversary (before the 50th cause I not guaranteed the precision of center for photos)

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Choose the green, let's get married on the mountain side

Helen and John have choose to get married overseas, far from London, with a more tropical weather and background :)

They are very sweet couple and Helen was so shy but I think we releav the challenge she gave to us and have amazing shot of them into the wild of Moorea.

After the legal ceremony at the City Hall, they choose to have their Polynesian ceremony into the mountain as there is not just beach in this beautiful island of Moorea. Surrounded by grappefruit trees, with an amazing lookout over Tahiti and coral reef, we celebrate the union of Helen and John and finish by drinkinf Champagne Veuve Clicquot on a coconut !

Follow them on their discovery of Moorea, between tropical forest and sunset beach.


Wedding organised by :

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Sexy, gorgeous, funny, adorable Meg + Jeff in Bora Bora

We have sooo much fun with theses guys ! This couple has a so beautiful complicity and love for each other, we can only see smiles and joy on photos. And I'm pretty sure it's like that all the time with them.

The most annoying in all this is they are not only that not only happy but, in addition of that, they are gorgeous... LIIfe is not fair ;)

We wish you to always be young like that and fool around for each other !

Keep in touch, and see you very soon hopefully !

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Wild Vancouver Island with Jen and Ivan

People say to us we live in paradise by leaving in French Polynesia. In Canada, we discover wild and dramatic landcapes, powerfull nature full of life and open spaces : that's also an idea of paradise for whom know how to look :) We met Jen + Ivan in Victoria, Vancouver Island and we have the great honnor to share few days with them, discovering their place and their beautiful minds.

Be sure we will see you again guys ! For another incredible journey !

Take care

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Tenderness and sweet love with Sarah and John, in Moorea, French Polynesia

When we watch Sarah and John together, we can only think about how beautiful love and life are...

Enjoy this little selection with them in Moorea. 

We can't wait to see you again in California guys ! Take care and continue to be like you are !


Love these! Thank you so much!!! They turned out amazing!!! 

We hope to see you both again soon!! Let us know when you come back to usa !

Have a great evening too :) 

Sarah & John 

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