Team of Husband and Wife available also in French Polynesian Islands like Tahiti, Moorea, Tikehau and more

Only the name invites you to dream... Bora Bora, world-renowned, has the reputation of being the jewel of the South Seas.

Not everybody can point it on a map for sure, but everybody know the name : Bora Bora...

Honeymooner have this on their bucket list for years and comes from all around the world to stay on overwater bungalow luxury resort of Bora Bora.

It is true that its immense lagoon takes the breath away of all its visitors. Crystal and turquoise water with unbelievable shades of blue are a spectacular show for your vision : already from the sky when you arrive by plane and then from your boat to go to your Resort.

That kind of crystal water and luxury can be find on others destinations for sure but not this view over the mountain.

The mountain Otemanu is really fascinating and you will se how hard it is to don't look at it. Colors change all around the day and all around the year, offers dramatic scenery on the rainy seasons with radiant turquoise lagoon just under the black heavy clouds. Then during sunset, pink, orange and sometimes red color in the sky... You will not get borred of your view from your terrace.

Bride and groom who choose to have a destination wedding there can be sure we will be glad to offer them unique wedding photography.

We also flight from our island in Canada to Bora for honeymoon sessions which is a wonderful excuse to dress again your wedding attire or just have souvenir of this once in a lifetime trip with casual clothes. And we have a contact who live in Bora Bora for you in case we are not available on your date.

This glamour destination is THE place to have the boudoir shoot you've always want and for all theses reasons, we will be there, as Your Photographers. Have a look on this little selection.

To organize your destination elopement ceremony or your renewal vows ceremony there, contact Wedding Polynesia. Wedding Polynesia is a company we created 5 years ago and we managed when we were in French Polynesia. Our team is still in charge of making your dreams come true under the sun of Polynesian islands.


What a pleasure to finally met Taylor and Jason ! After a year talking to each others by email, after 3 planes, 2 boats and few fresh coconut to refresh, we finally arrived to their beautiful luxurious Resort in Bora Bora.

Taylor and Jason came a long way too as they leave the desert of Arizona to get married only together, surrounded by blue that time.

Marissa and ravi - four seasons bora bora

So great day spending with theses lovers who were spending their honeymoon at the Four Seasons right after a beautiful wedding in California.

We had the chance to see them again in Victoria few months after ! Was so nice to keep in touch with you like that. What will be our next adventure ? 

St Regis Bora honeymoon

Saint Régis

Jasmine + Yu

Jasmine and yu - fortifying encounter - st regis

I love talk with Jasmine ! We always have a lot of fun even if it's by email. So it was great to meet her in person ! We flight to Bora Bora to make the photoshoot on the luxurious St Regis. Water is crazy blue as always and the weather perfect (except for the temperature:)

Meg and jeff - sexy and funny (that's double sexy)

We have sooo much fun with theses guys ! This couple has a so beautiful complicity and love for each other, we can only see smiles and joy on photos. And I'm pretty sure it's like that all the time with them. The most annoying in all this is they are not only that not only happy but, in addition of that, they are gorgeous... Life is so unfair

Gorgeous and so pleasant couple - four seasons bora

This couple of two real lovers welcomed us like friends. We had a lot of fun during this shoot. After the intimate elopement on the Chapel, our bride felt in love with the reef side and we spend time there creating frames with stunning colors. Sun came quickly just to give us nice bikini shoots and play into the radiant blue of the lagoon.

Katy Hearn and her husband - Four Seasons Bora

With the beautiful athletes couple Katy Hearn and Haydn Schneider. This gorgeous couple, fitness lovers, offer us beautiful images between their luxurious overwater bungalow and magnificent spots of the Four Seasons. Perfect place to trash the dress !

A polynesian ceremony with rose and momo

Rose & Momo, a so lovely couple from China have always dream about Bora Bora.  After the Polynesian Wedding, we have a honeymoon shoot around the luxury hotel between the beautiful beach and bungalow with also a little hike on a top of a breathtaking lookout !

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