indoor boudoir photo session in victoria, vancouver and destination

At your place or on an Hotel Room.

In France, where we are coming from, boudoir photography is very common. We used to say every woman need at least one boudoir session in their life. Actually many women choose to have boudoir session at least 3 times in a lifetime. It’s part of your self-confidence and it helps to build your seductive appeal.


Why not on studio?

Why not? We think a boudoir session is something personal and unique. We think boudoir sessions are not forced to be on a bed. We come to you with our studio lights and we create a unique frame for you and with you. No risk to have the same decor than your friend: we think you are unique and we treat you like that. The goal of the session is to show who you are and not reproduce a copy of something you saw.

You have the choice: we can make this session at your place or into a Hotel room. We can also book a room for your session. Room we will choose depending of what you want (fancy decor or boho chic). Feel free to tell us more about you and we will help you to choose the perfect spot for you. Keep in mind we also organize boudoir session into the wild. We are destination Boudoir Photographer and we will follow you wherever you are or wherever you prefer to be.



We don’t provide lingerie cause lingerie is really personal and it’s part of who you are. But we are happy to give you advice and to guide you by choosing the right shapes and style for you if you are not sure. Some women choose to don’t have any lingerie on their shoot. They prefer to have kimonos, lace top, bodysuit, play with jewelry, fabric or nothing. There are so many different styles of lingerie and same for women wishes.


but Why?

Come on! I’m sure you have thought more than once to have this kind of experience. It’s time now! Time to feel amazing and time to feel the pride in yourself. If you have a partner, be sure he/she will love this little treat to yourself. Imagine when you will be a grandma, showing this picture to your children “this woman with this secret smile, it’s me”. More than just a gift for others, a boudoir session is a gift for yourself, to feel confident and beautiful. We have a lot of clients who come after a baby to feel like a woman and not just a mum. Women who come after a divorce to feel attractive again. We have also a woman who comes for their 30 or 40’ birthday or for an anniversary. We have friends who offer a session for a future bride, we have a daughter who offers this boudoir for their mum. So many women, so many boudoirs. And we have also men who are so often forgotten.

What about bridal boudoir?

We do more and more bridal boudoir. Imagine a beautiful white bridal lingerie with a veil to cover you. Our bride offers the book of their sneaky session to their “so-soon” husband or wife: just during the getting ready. And you can be sure that’s a really good surprise for your better half! They are very pride you take that moment for yourself and so pride to see you so confident. A bridal boudoir session is usually made 2 to 3 months before the wedding to allow us to edit your photos and choose your favorites for the book we will create for you. Print on Professional photo paper with many options of cover (from leather to lace) this luxurious gift will have more effect than thousands of words.


photoshop please. Not with us.

We don’t photoshop your body or your face. We help you to show your strengths and we play with lights and shadows. But we will never transform your body shape. Boudoir is about helping you by accepting how you are, not showing you a fake image of yourself. That’s also why also we let you choose if you want to have make-up or not.

I don’t know how to pose….

We are here for that. Part of our job is to make you comfortable and confident. Don’t worry too much and don’t feel ashamed. Everybody has a body. There is no reason to feel strange in front of us. We are very relaxed about bodies and we are focusing on our light and shadows only. We are not here to judge you but to help you. We are here to highlight your beauty and most of the time you have no idea what it is beautiful on you.


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