outdoor boudoir photo session in victoria, vancouver and destination

We shoot in all Vancouver Island, BC but also out of Canada.

We photograph boudoir into the wild since we began photography in 2002. I was the Model of Samuel and other Talented Photographers for many years in France. There is no decor who can inspire a Model like natural scenery. Samuel and I have been always in love with nature and secrets places.

Our love and passion for women beauty and for our beautiful Earth are combined there.  

Boudoir into the wild is our specialty. We love creating a beautiful frame with you as our Muse, on a really scenic and dramatic decor. We are happy to propose boudoir session in all Vancouver Island including Victoria, Sooke, Cowichan Valley, Comox and on Mainland. We know beautiful places there in British Columbia.

Our experience of all kind of landscapes and weathers allow us to be very adaptable and to be creative everywhere.

We already spend many years around the World, living in 5 differents countries over 4 continents. We are sure you will love follow two Adventurers like us into the wild.


No, we don’t provide any lingerie or outfit. Lingerie is very personal and it’s part of who you are. But we can help you for lingerie choose and flowers crowns to look like a Goddess… Keep in mind some women choose to don’t have any lingerie on their shoot. They prefer to have kimonos, lace top, bodysuit, play with flowers, fabric or just nothing!

but Why outside?

If you are not sure who you will be in a room posing with your lingerie, you can be sure nature will blow away your doubts. Nature has this incredible power to inspire us and you and you will feel part of the decor very fast. Playing with shapes of rocks, running into the sand, enjoying the salty water in your hair, this boudoir session will become an experience you would never forget. Don’t worry about curious people who might stop: we choose places for their calm and we are two as you know. So one of us is ready to scream in case of a paparazzi helicopter :)



We are destination Photographer so that means we could be anywhere in British Columbia or Canada and even overseas! We’ve been shooting on the turquoise lagoon islands of Bora Bora and Tahiti. We’ve been also hitting the orange rocks and arid desert. We’ve been shooting on the top of snowed mountains. For every destination boudoir sessions booked, we donate at least 5% of our benefices to environmental association we follow for years. Our Earth is fragile and we have to help more.


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