Tikehau, the -non fake- postcard !

We couldn't imagine an atoll will be so full of surprises and beauty...

We fall in love of this little piece of land, in the middle of blue/green/turquoise/purple ocean and we discover there is not only tons of fishes, turtles, rays, dolphins and sharks here, but also paradise beaches with absolutely nobody, different beaches with volcanic huge rock sharped like lace, white sandy beach with sharks just on the edge and some nice little bath tube under the shadow of a palm tree...

We took our bicycle to make a full tour of our "motu" and we have just one wish : come back asap! :) If you are looking for amazing colors, wild beach like on your dream it's certainly the place to go, compare to Bora Bora, you will be alone and with, in our point of view, more magnificent and beauty...and people who live here will welcome you with authenticity ( + you will eat so well ! That's pretty important when you are a traveler who love food like us ;)   

This is a place to see !


virginie wiss

A couple of French Destination Award Winning Wedding, Boudoir and Commercial Photographers based in Vancouver Island, Victoria.