DESTINATION ELOPEMENT into the wild of Moorea, French Polynesia

destination elopement into the wild

Kim & Kyaw

Destination Elopement

Lot of Love and a day of Adventures !

How can we describe that day with K + K ?

After more than a year to exchange emails with Kim, you can imagine our happiness when we first met her and her fiance the day before their elopement, around plates of tapas at their Hotel !

It was like meeting good friends !

Kim and Kyaw are also two travels and food lovers (even if I don’t eat stuff with legs Kyaw lol :) Moorea and French Polynesia was their first stop before to have a “flight trip” in Asia for their honeymoon. We wished to capture that amazing trip for you guys especially the Mario Kart in Tokyo or the Kobe battle !

Kim felt in love with that majestic mountain.

She saw on our pictures of Melissa and Ian and she also loves pineapple fields. We haven’t say too much and didn’t want to say the spot we had in mind for them : K+K trust us about our choices for the elopement and for photos.

It was a very, very hot day (speaking about temperature there…) and our Lovers were just focusing only on the love they share for each other under the hard sun.

Being the only witnesses of this so special moment is a privilege

We will cherish that forever… You two guys find each other and this is a real perfect match…

We thank you a lot to follow us on mosquitoes favorite place, on a little island of the middle of ocean made just for you, climb on lava rocks in the middle of crabs ;)

You know what we meant by bringing you shell necklaces at the airport now, so let’s see you again and again on new isolated destination with great stuff to eat and drink !

Take care guys and see you in a couple of days at your home now !

Let’s try your Mosquitoes now ! Wouhou !