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Why a boudoir shoot…

Feel gorgeous and sexy, offer you the best gift ever to your better half or yourself. Boudoir photoshoot is an unique opportunity to accept yourself and to be more confident. Cause, yes, women you saw here said the same as you : "I'm not pretty like them" "your photos are with super models," "my hair are not ok" "etc etc...." All our photos as honnest and we don't change your body or face. We allow only minor editing like spots and after that editing the global photo look but not you. All women you will see there are real and usually bride in honeymoon who wants to take the plunge !

We make Boudoir Session for more than 10 years. We learnt in France and Virginie used to be Model to understand better how it is to pose for boudoir.

Let's create something unique, something like you with our touch ! 

What we like it's catch how you truly are : could be seductive, could be fragile, could be funny, could be shy, but never vulgar.

And trust us, this experience will be a big step in your life ! Find the boudoir you would like and combine idea to have your unforgettable memory (let's be a total badass!!)