boudoir photographer victoria and vancouver

Feel yourself, finaly.

We are a couple of Professional Boudoir Photographers from France. We photograph beautiful women and men for more than 10 years. We propose something different from boudoir session on a studio. We create art frame with you like Muse and we guide you to reveal your delicacy and your strength.


 Our boudoir sessions are not about fancy lingerie, sophisticated make-up and cheesy poses. It about reveals yourself and embrace who you are. It’s about self-love experience. Some woman likes wearing make-up some others don’t. That’s why we will never include these options in our package. We propose you to be yourself.

Why a boudoir shoot?

You deserve to feel gorgeous and special. We offer you the best gift ever to your better half or to yourself. Boudoir photoshoot is a unique opportunity to accept yourself and to be more confident.

We know what you think: "I'm not pretty like them" "your photos are with supermodels," "my hair is not ok" "etc etc...." All our photos are honest and we don't change your body or face. We allow only minor editing like spots and after that editing the global photo look but not you. All women you will see there are real and usually women who want to take the plunge!

Why us?

We make Boudoir Sessions for more than 10 years.

We learnt Boudoir in France, our home country.

France, country of Love, country of Romance and liberty, country of Lingerie and Fashion.

We grow up with ideas that Women have a strong power of seduction. And we know how to find it on each person.

For us a naked body is not a shame, it’s beautiful and natural. And we saw the body as a piece of Art.

Virginie used to be Lingerie and Nude Art Model, she will be your best guide.

Samuel has incredible skills to create Artistic lights and captures your charm.

Together we form an effective team with masculine and feminine wealth.

Let's create something unique, something like you with our touch!

What we like it's caught how you truly are: could be seductive, could be fragile, could be funny, could be shy, and always tastefull.

And trust us, this experience will be a big step in your life! Find the boudoir you would like and combine idea to have your unforgettable memory (let's be a total badass!!)

All of the women and men that you see featured on our website have kindly given us written consent to use their images. We respect the privacy of our clients and we only display images on the web that have been approved by the client. And what an amazing experience when you let us publish your shoot to magazines. You can be pride of yourself!


Always Include



I’ve had such a great experience and I’m very proud of the photos! Thank you both so much! Thank you for that!!
— Sherise
Samuel & Virginie were absolutely amazing, my husband and I couldn’t have asked for better...
— Kathy
Sam and Virginie were our photographers for our sneaky boudoir photoshoot. The day was loads of fun - essentially we spent the whole day taking photographs in spectacular locations around the island. While the experience itself was wonderful, it was the resulting photographs that astounded us. They are just magical and made us so thankful. We highly recommend them.
— Melissa
Merci beaucoup! A big thank you to you two for being so easy to be around and so welcoming. I will never forget this experience. I was grateful to be around an amazing couple like yours. Thanks for letting me think that I am the most gorgeous woman in the world :)
— Annie
It was a great experience, Sam and Virginie are amazing and made the shoot comfortable and fun. They offered lots of direction, but also let me be myself and have fun. I would definitely use them again!
— Meg
I knew it : French know exactly how to do to let you feel magnifique :) I couldn’t imagine doing a boudoir session with any other Photographers.
— Leila

equally wed