Post wedding photographers in Moorea, French Polynesia

What can we say about Kristy and Tony....

They were the last couple we shoot in French Polynesia, after 4 years there, as you know, we move to Vancouver Island. Another island but in Canada ! We were waiting that for 2 years so we were excited ! At the same time, we had a strange feeling about making our "last couple session" there...

We didn't want to leave Moorea before to make that shoot : we could but we won't. Why ? Because we exchange emails with Kristen for like months and months. We were talking at the end like friends and we have to be there for them !

This day with them was terrific, we hit the hot road of pinneaple fields to show a secret place we just discover for them and then go to the windy wild beach. We will never forget the beautiful and spontaneous big laugh of Kristy and how Tony was so helpful to kiss. Thanks for this huge sacrifice ;) ahah !

We have also in our mind the sadistic smile of Kristy when she splash her husband (same smile than Jack Nicholson, I still have nightmare!!! ;) and the cheeky one of Tony when the time of revenge came !

We hope to see you guys in your new hometown in California. Now we are really closer so I'm sure a day we will be able to meet again :) Enjoy your life of married couple, when life is down, just look that photos of you together and see how beautiful you when you are together !



Wow !!! You guys make us looks SO good, thank you so much for the teaser photos / ones to tide me over and make my heart so full and happy ! You are both the most incredible Photographers I’ve ever met !! Thank you.
— Kristy and Anthony