Elopement with a Canadian couple from Vancouver

Melissa contact us for the first time around a year ago now. She wanted an elopement simple and intimate into the wild of Moorea. Not on the beach, she wants more focus on the mountain side and fascinting by the shape of peaks here.

We had the chance to met her at her home in Vancouver, during our stay there in June. We share the same love for nature and hikes so naturally, more than having a drink somewhere, we thank about a hike ! But, we didn't know a "normal" hike for Canadian (or Australian as Melissa :) was a so adventurous and hard expedition ! 

Well, ok, maybe not an expedition but Squamish peak is pretty hard ! You have to try that mountain or rock ! But we have to admit, the view was breathtaking and climb on this massiv rock will stay forever in our mind (and legs!)

This time Melissa came with Ian to get married here and it was time to revenge for us : in our climate, our island, we hike after the elopement on the most scenic place we knew :) But they were good, very acclimate so I don't think it was a fair revenge ! We have to see you again guys to check that !

Wow what a wedding! Virginie and Sam organized our whole day from start to finish and we had an amazing experience getting photographed in stunning locations all over the beautiful island of Moorea. We were incredibly happy with the photographs, and know we made the right choice by choosing SVPhotograph for such an important day.
— Melissa