{Destination wedding at Ruby's beach} photographed with a magical fog.

Sending messages to Katy by email or Instagram was always drawing us a smile on our face. It seems like we know these guys for so long! So once we met after more than a year chatting, it was like seeing friends, very natural and easy. These blue eyes gorgeous bride and groom decide to have a destination elopement far from home. From Michigan to Washington state, they choose the beautiful Ruby’s beach and take with them just the close family and best friends. The wedding was in July, during a very hot sunny day but as soon as we arrive at the beach, a thick fog was there (and just there)! It was not what our couple expected and imagine but actually, this was a blast! The atmosphere was magical and so unique! The crowd on the beach transforms into silhouettes and kind of ghosts lost on the clouds. We were just 12 of us, surrounded by impressive huge rocks. Our imagination started to run so fast with this vision of our groom alone and so small next to a big rock (like a mountain) wrapped by the cloud, waiting for his princess. After the emotional ceremony, we take advantage of this unique location and play with our couple creating art photography. To end this day, the sunset was there, a very intense moment with hundreds of birds. This elopement will stay forever in our minds and our hearts. We wish to Eric and Kathi the happiness and love they deserve.