Weird, funny, fresh, young, invigorate, playfull wedding between Moorea and Bora Bora

Vicky and I begin to chat months and months ago ! I follow all steps of her wedding and lucky enough to organize it (thanks to my other business : The wedding on the private island with activities after was the perfect idea for this unusual and young couple !

When I was emailed her or texted her, it was always a great moment ! But, when we first met on her hotel with her husband and mine it was like meeting an old friend!! I can't forget Vicky when we were to your room to see your wedding dress and I saw something strange and pink pass over your suitcase.... XD   I can't forget how fun it was and so many moments with you guys ! Actually all was so much fun with you ! Can you imagine this couple fight at night... with plastic swords ! So you can realize how lucky to find them !!

I let you have some fun by watching this couple with a family with the same impulse than them and you will see what was the pink tall thing Ricky didn't see at all on the luggage... ;)

We continue our photoshoot few days after in Bora Bora, for last hours of fun with you before you go back to home :( We miss you guys !

Take care Ricky + Vicky + all your beautiful family and for sure I will wechat you as soon as we come to US !