{ Sooke Engagement Photography } We lead an adventure shoot with a Canadian couple from Port Renfrew to Sooke, Sombrio and Mystic Beach.

Steph and Luke are an adventurous couple. They are from Kelowna and live now in Sooke on our beautiful nice little town. They live on a sailboat, we visit it, it’s really cool and can’t wait to see them on the ocean during summer. For now, we’ve decided to drive them from Port Renfrew to Sooke to catch their story and the most amazing wild beaches of the west coast. Beginning with Sombrio beach, waves were crazy high that day but we find the secret waterfall. It was their first time there for our couple and they just fall in love with that so special place.

We continue to hike a bit but this time on our way to Mystic Beach. No need to introduce this beach anymore, this is the most famous beach of the island. Our couple didn't hesitate a second to have fun under the freezing waterfall! So much fun! To warm up, nothing better than a fire and to warm the soul, nothing better than grilled marshmallows! The sunset was one of the most colourful we've never seen.